Setting up CLion for CS 537

As the projects get larger and more complicated, I think it is important to have a good coding environment for this course. I'd like to share with you how I use CLion as the main IDE for C programming. I recommend CLion for the following reasons:
  • Sync changed files to the remote server. You don't need to manually copy and paste the modified code to the CS lab.
  • Powerful code analysis and correction suggestion. You can eliminate most of the compilation errors while you are editing the file.
  • Built-in ssh and scp support with a handy graphical interface. For Windows users, you don't need to install PuTTY/WinSCP/WSL to connect to the CS lab.
  • Quick search and navigation. It's much easier to search files in the project folder (compared to grep) and navigate between the declaration and definition among files (compared to vim or emacs).
Please feel free to post any questions or comments down below :) (more…)