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Shawn Zhong is a third Ph.D. student at UW-Madison with research interests in storage systems. He developed an online simulator that supports the entire MIPS32 instruction set, and an online visualizer for xv6 file system image. He used to work at a conversation-based data analytics startup where he developed the recommendation engine for the next command, implemented PDF generation for conversation sessions, and introduced packages that greatly improved the front-end development speed.

At school, Shawn is a peer mentor for OS, note-taker for various math class, and an ACM-ICPC team staff. He was nominated at the departmental ceremony for writing tutorials related to the OS class and actively answering questions in the class forum. He attended ACM-ICPC for three years and achieved #9 out of 209 in 2018 regional.

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HiMCM 2016

Solution Paper of HiMCM (The High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling) 2016

登峰杯 MCM



Math 514

Notes on Math 514: Numerical Analysis @ University of Wisconsin-Madison

Math 632

Notes on Math 632: Introduction to Stochastic Processes @ University of Wisconsin-Madison

Math 240

Notes on Math 240: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics @ University of Wisconsin-Madison

Math 521

Notes on Math 521: Analysis I @ University of Wisconsin-Madison

Math 541

Notes on Math 541: Modern Algebra @ University of Wisconsin-Madison

Math 375

Notes on Math 375: Topics in Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra @ University of Wisconsin-Madison