Deploy WordPress on CS Lab Server

This tutorial walks through how you can deploy WordPress on a CS Department Server.

Download WordPress

1. Connect to CS Linux server

If you are using Mac or UNIX system, use the ssh command:

ssh [email protected]

If you are using Windows, download PuTTY to connect to the server

Note: Replace cs-username with your username

2. Change directory to ~/public/html

Type cd ~/public/html in the terminal, and press enter

Everything in this directory will be public at

3. Download WordPress file and unzip it

Use wget to download the file from


And use unzip to unzip the files


4. WordPress installed!

Open, and you should see the page below

Create a Database on GearHost

1. Create an account on GearHost

2. Create a database

Open the “Database” tab on the left

Click “Create Database” button

Choose a database name, and select MySQL (free)

Click “Create Empty Database”

Record your database name, database server, username, and password

Configure WordPress

1. Open

2. Fill in the database information, and click submit

3. Copy the content of wp-config.php

Since we don’t have the write permission to the server through webpage, we have to manually create this file

4. Go back to CS Linux server, and change directory to ~/public/html/wordpress

cd ~/public/html/wordpress

5. Open text editor, and create the file wp-config.php

nano wp-config.php

Note: You can also use vi or vim instead of nano, but nano is easier to use.

6. Paste the content

7. Control+X and press enter to save the file

8. Go back to the website and press install

9. WordPress installed!!!

Add Write Permission

1. Connect to CS Linux server and install “SSH SFTP Updater Support” plugin

ssh [email protected]

cd ~/public/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/



2. Enable the plugin on Dashboard


Click “activate” below “SSH SFTP Updater Support”

3. Configure “SSH SFTP Updater Support” Plugin


Choose any theme you want, and click the install button

You will see a pop window called “Connection Information”

This is because we don’t have permission to write file to the server through webpage

Choose SSH2 for connection type, since our CS server do not support FTP

Use for hostname, and your CS account for username and password.

Leave everything else blank, and click proceed.

Now you have the permission to write file to the server


You have deployed WordPress on CS Linux Server!


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